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We understand the difficulties of learning how to breastfeed an infant, especially if there are additional complications in place (such as a tongue or tissue tie!). Regardless of the circumstances, breastfeeding can be a challenge for both the baby and the mother. We are honored to be able to provide valuable lactation support for struggling mothers and babies. Rachael Potts, our TOTs Program Director, is also a Certified Lactation Counselor (CLC), a certification that is accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). Rachael is well trained to be able to provide knowledge and counseling and help a mother determine and pursue her breastfeeding goals. She is a valuable member of our team and is qualified to provide education, counseling, and clinical support within our program. Along with Drs. Foley and Jacobson, Rachael ensures that the main focus of our program is to identify the mother’s goals with her baby and do all we can, with a direct team approach, to help her achieve her ambitions.

Rachael Sisk Potts, TOTs Program Director, Certified Lactation Counselor

Rachael Sisk PottsRachael is new to our practice, but not new to supporting moms and babies or to tethered oral tissue. She received her CLC certification in 2018 and since then has completed many hours of continuing education to diversify and fine-tune her support skills. In addition to being certified in lactation support, she has a level two certification through the World Institute of Nurturing Communications (WINC) to teach infant massage to caregivers. She is a certified TummyTimeMethod™ Instructor and has taken courses in cranial nerve dysfunction, infant reflexology, childbirth education, and more. She is currently completing a certification in holistic lactation. Prior to joining our team she acted as support for tethered oral tissue patients and families for several years. She has a passion for helping moms and babies to THRIVE, not just survive. She looks forward to hearing each mama’s feeding and relationship goals and helping to achieve them. Outside the office Rachael enjoys spending time with her family and close friends. She and her husband have 3 little boys who keep her on their toes!  They were and remain her inspiration for helping the mother/child dyad flourish.

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