Tongue and Tissue Tie Clinic in Richmond KY

TOTs (Tethered Oral Tissues) Clinic

At Richmond Smile Design, we use a direct team approach and advanced laser technology to fully release an infant’s or child’s tongue or tissue tie to improve their quality of life. Our team is well trained to identify lingual, labial, and buccal tissue ties to determine if they are contributing to challenges with oral motor functioning. Our typical patients are infants struggling with feeding, though tethered tissues can contribute to a variety of issues amongst infants, children, and even adults. We use a distinct screening process to identify how oral strings could be contributing to symptoms, typically manifested in eating, sleeping, and even speech.

The procedure is sedation-free, and we use a safe pharmacy-compounded gel to numb the area prior to the procedure. Our goal is to make the procedure as comfortable and beneficial as possible for the infant by purposeful case selection and by the use of advanced technology to ensure a precise and quick tie release.

Richmond Smile Design has invested in a LightScalpel Laser, which is the gold standard equipment for soft tissue procedures. Use of this state of the art technology allows for extremely precise and predictable results from the procedure, and helps to significantly reduce postoperative pain, making the procedure almost immediately effective to improve a child’s ability to feed properly.

We also recognize the occasional need for additional therapies in conjunction with tie releases, and work with a variety of specialists to ensure the best results for infants as well as the mother/child dyad. During your initial consultation, we will create a specific treatment plan for your child, with careful consideration of the mother’s needs as well, to address any and all feeding and alignment issues your child may be experiencing.

While we are focusing on infants, we are happy to evaluate children of all ages and treat if/when appropriate. 

Adults interested in evaluation should request an appointment HERE. 

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